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February 24th, 2011

Bennett Johnson Bennett Johnson
Orange County, California

I started building Niche websites in December 2009 and my Micro Niche Finder site was the second site that I built. When I first started building sites, I tried out Keyword Elite and I didn’t like it too much. I don’t like complications and having too much instructions and manuals, so I was looking for an alternative Keyword Research Tool and I found Micro Niche Finder.

I liked Micro Niche Finder right-away with ease of its use and having everything on the dashboard. I switched to Micro Niche Finder and dropped Keyword Elite. Obviously it was a good reason to build a review site based on my experience using both Keyword Tools. This is how I came up with the website title “Niche Keyword Finder” and the catchy description “Micro Niche Finder is the Niche Keyword Finder”.

I started out in Affiliate Marketing by building my own sites, and I loved doing that and watching my sites get ranked on Google’s first page. So I built another site, Affiliate Web Sniper, which is exactly about building websites to rank on Google’s 1st page.

When I first started out, I consumed too much time learning on my own and took a long detour from not having a good direction to pursue. My advice to affiliates is to concentrate on being good at one thing, and also to find a mentor to coach you before you get too far ahead.

Affiliate Website:

Micro Niche Finder is the Niche Keyword Finder

Additional Website:
Affiliate Web Sniper

January 24th, 2011

Henry Tafolla Henry Tafolla
Wichita, Kansas

I have been a Micro Niche Finder affiliate for over three months now. I’m still figuring out all the ins and outs of internet marketing, but Micro Niche Finder is a great tool that made all the work much easier to do…not only do I wish I built more sites sooner, but also I wish I magically found Micro Niche Finder earlier in my internet marketing days!

I have been in the tech industry from over 10 years and when I ventured out to start an internet marketing company and I quickly realized that I needed a good SEO keyword research tool. So I started with the most logical place (Google) and as you can imagine it took me a while to dredge through all the websites, forums and sales pitches to find anything of value. I literally spent days to weeks searching for the right keyword tools. No one should have to experience that much pain just to find a tool. Micro Niche Finder cuts through a lot of the details and presents information quickly and neatly. This tool is great for novices and I’m happy to spread the word about it!

Affiliate Website:

SEO Keyword Research Tools

January 10th, 2011

Amar Aaron Amar Aaron
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I have been a Micro Niche Finder affiliate for approximately 3 months now. The product is well designed with the ordinary, budget conscious, not so savvy marketer in mind. I can literally find what I’m aiming for within minutes which no tool out there is able to do, as far as I’m concerned, because I’ve canceled almost all the other keyword tools I used to use.

Knowing what I know now, I would have NOT signed up for countless so called ‘guru’s products and wasted thousands of dollars if I only had someone show me the right path sooner. Nevertheless, I must thank James, Brian, Scott, and a few others who’ve been sharing the ‘real’ juice out there and helping me and others make money.

Not every keyword is the same and not every keyword tool is great. Find out how I use Micro Niche Finder daily to find profitable ‘money-making’ keywords which I then use to create blogs, products and review sites. You can see all this in my 15 minute video tutorial at my Micro Niche Finder website.

Affiliate Website:

Micro Niche Finder Download

December 27th, 2010

Sid Chan Sid Chan
Fresno, California

Ever since I started internet marketing I have been a Micro Niche Finder affiliate.

I like to take “old” methods of earning money (i.e, offline methods) and apply them to the “modern” way of making money (i.e, internet marketing). It’s fun and there is room for creativity.

My website is almost completely dedicated to helping internet marketing newbies figure out their strategy. Among other bits of advice, I am a proponent of using Autoresponders to stay efficient, finding great products to use for affiliate marketing, and writing blogs as a way to become an expert in the field and generate backlinks. These are all good ideas to use, but everyone has to adapt to their own plan.

Affiliate Website:

Make Money Online My Way

December 6th, 2010

Enis Davis-Lewars Enis Davis-Lewars
Brampton, Canada

I have been a Micro Niche Finder affiliate for over two years. Not only do I frequently use the software, but the fact that you get 50% commission on each sale was really appealing, too!

Knowing what I know now, I would have read more and not subscribe to so many different programs so quickly. There’s so much information out there it can become mind boggling. Be patient and take your time selecting affiliate programs.

My biggest advice to those interested in affiliate marketing is to find the right product to promote. Some of the advantages to becoming an affiliate is you don’t have to create a product, you don’t have to carry any inventory, you don’t have to worry about handling products, postage or refunds.You can work from home at your leisure. It’s an excellent way of making money.

Affiliate Website:

Internet Marketing Legal Forms – Protect your business!

November 22nd, 2010

Steve Hall Steve Hall
Cape Cod, Massachusetts

I’m not new to internet marketing, but I have been a Micro Niche Finder affiliate for over a year now.

I started promoting Micro Niche Finder not only because I use it but also because it practically sells itself. It’s a VERY easy product to promote.

I am a ClickBank commando, so I sell ClickBank products (including Micro Niche Finder) and while it can be hard to make a living online, I am doing it! I’ve been doing this type of business for quite some time now and it has proven to be very successful.

I’m not sure I would have done much differently when I first started out. Don’t get me wrong- there is a very steep learning curve, but I’m getting there….and getting there is half the fun!

Affiliate Website:

Use Direct CPV to drive traffic to your sites – You get $1164 in Very Valuable Bonuses just for trying the service!

November 8th, 2010

 Ross Brezovar Ross Brezovar

I have been a Micro Niche Finder affiliate since almost day one…in fact, if I remember correctly, during the initial webinar where I saw Micro Niche Finder in action for the first time, I remember asking then if there was an affiliate program. I saw the potential right away, and have not been let down since!
If I could have done anything differently when I first started affiliate marketing, I think I would have been more selective and careful about the products I was willing to promote. My rule of thumb is to only promote products that I would buy or use myself.

Just using this phenomenal tool made it easy to promote, and I had to become an affiliate. The second reason is because James is constantly making it better…and not just from a technical aspect, but mainly because James knows and understands this market better than most “gurus” out there. And because of this, he can identify ways to make it better so that you can become more successful in your own online businesses.

In my opinion, “keyword-rich domain research” is where it all starts! I believe that regardless of what kind of “online” marketing you do knowing your market and finding great, available domains that use niche keywords is a huge advantage in your SEO battle plan!

Believe it or not, even in such a competitive market that Micro Niche Finder itself is in, I found two awesome keyword-rich domains that I use to market Micro Niche Finder successfully. And with over 500 domains, I have lots of experience in this area!

If I could give any advice to new affiliate marketers, it would be this: Pick ONE thing that you believe in, and just focus on that! Let me repeat…find one thing and focus! Try not to look at everything that comes around the corner related to internet marketing…otherwise, you’ll find yourself mired in “information overload”. Trust me, I’ve been there!

Affiliate Website:
Micro Niche Finder

Additional Website:
Internet Marketing Reports

October 25th, 2010

Skip McGrath Skip McGrath
Seattle, Washington

I have been a Micro Niche Finder affiliate for two years now. I am a HUGE believer in niche marketing so I use Micro Niche Finder regularly. It’s very easy to use, and with James behind the product I knew it was a good product to use and promote!

If I could have done anything differently when I first started affiliate marketing, I think I would have been more selective and careful about the products I was willing to promote. My rule of thumb is to only promote products that I would buy or use myself.

If you are unsure about promoting a product, ask yourself this: “Would I sell this product to my sister?” (or mother, father, brother, etc.). If the answer to your question is “No”, don’t even bother trying to endorse that product. If the answer is “Yes”, go for it!

Being selective about what products you affiliate with really does pay off. Look for a high quality product with great customer service and a good commission. Perhaps more importantly, make sure that the affiliate offers that you are promoting relate to the content of your site and to the interests of your readers. If there is a disconnect between your website and your affiliate product, you will not make a lot of sales.

Affiliate Website:
Skip McGrath’s Auction Seller Resource

October 11th, 2010

Surender Paul Chopra Surender Paul Chopra
Pathankot, India

I have been using Micro Niche Finder for a while now, so it’s hard for me to remember exactly when I became a Micro Niche Finder affiliate. One of the things that made becoming a Micro Niche Finder affiliate attractive was it’s very generous commission for every Micro Niche Finder sold. I am also an Ultimate PLR Article Software affiliate because it’s a useful product and it too offers a generous commission.

Since I retired from the Indian Air Force I have focused on making money from internet and affiliate marketing. There is a lot of opportunity to make money via the internet and I enjoy showing others ways to increase their income. I hope to keep making commissions and passive income from my internet marketing for the rest of my life.

Affiliate Website:
Micro Niche Finder

Additional Websites:
The Ultimate PLR Article Collection

Surender Paul Chopra’s Blog

September 27th, 2010

Jon Harte Jon Harte
Ventura, California

I have been a Micro Niche Finder affiliate for two months now! I have done affiliate marketing with other products before, but I’ve only been a Micro Niche Finder affiliate for a short time.

I can’t stress enough that this program is so important to have. Micro Niche Finder is an essential tool if you want to succeed with Niche Site Building and as an Affiliate Marketer. By finding the right keywords and niches, you can build sites that are targeted for profits over and over again for all the niches you find. Before too long, it’s entirely possible that you will find yourself in an avalanche of income.

Affiliate Website:
Micro Niche Finder

Additional Website:
Affiliate Masters Unlimited

September 13th, 2010

Oliver van Praag Oliver van Praag
Breda, The Netherlands

I have been a Micro Niche Finder affiliate for a few months now. I particularly appreciate the lifetime upgrades and support without any additional cost that Micro Niche Finder guarantees for all customers.

It gets me relevant information on keywords, competition, and domain availability with only a few clicks within a few minutes. It saves time in finding out a niche market competitiveness and whether a particular niche will be easy, hard, or just plain impossible to get ranking for. It helps me discern which keywords and which keyword rich domains are worth acquiring (or not).

Although it is possible to do niche market research without any software, sometimes it is worth spending a bit to minimize efforts and improve the quality of results. Personally, Micro Niche Finder has paid for itself many times over already…and my clients love the results, so they keep coming back for more too. It’s a win-win situation for everybody.

Affiliate Website:
Micro Niche Finder

Additional Website:
Advertise Markets Info – Global Advertisement Financial Trends

August 30, 2010

Jay Boyer Jay Boyer
Richmond, Illinois

I have been a Micro Niche Finder affiliate for a year now. It’s really easy to promote products you love…I hate to admit it, but I was using Micro Niche Finder literally every day as a tool to promote other stuff before it even occurred to me that I could be promoting it as well!

If I could give any advice to new affiliate marketers, I would say that affiliate marketing is like growing a garden: plant a variety of seeds to see what thrives, and cultivate the winners (relentlessly!).

Now that I have been affiliate marketing for a while, I can say that if I had to do it all over again, I would have realized from the outset that this is a marathon and not a sprint; furthermore, I would have started when James did (ha!).

Affiliate Website:
Internet Marketing Strategy – Internet Marketing From Scratch!

August 16, 2010

Lane Wright Lane Wright
Southern California

I have been an Ultimate PLR Article Collection Software affiliate since January of 2010. Micro Niche Finder (another Net Results software product) is a vital tool for marketing; when James Jones (ed note: for those that don’t know, James is the head honcho of The Net Results) came out with Ultimate PLR Article Software, I was very interested and promptly became an affiliate.

If you are new to internet marketing, be aware that you will be bombarded by different ideas and methodologies. Find some people who are knowledgeable and helpful and use their advice as you see fit. In my experience, the members of WPG are incredibly helpful. In fact, if I could have done anything differently, I wish that I had found WPG sooner.

Affiliate Website:
The Ultimate PLR Article Collection Software

Additional website:
WordPress Goldmine -Try it For Only $1!

August 2, 2010

Joe Wilson Joe Wilson
Dunedin, Florida

I became a Micro Niche Finder affiliate approximately a year and half ago… it’s hard to recall when I exactly became an affiliate because I have been using Micro Niche Finder for a long time. It’s an awesome product!

My strategy is to be honest and not get caught up in much of the hype that’s out there. I suggest using Micro Niche Finder to help you find hidden niches that are in demand. Personally, I always go for the really low hanging fruit. I typically target keywords that show up green, with a competition score (SOC) of 20 or less. I then will look at the number of pages with the exact keyphrase and try make sure there no more then 100,000 competing pages (less is always better). Don’t be afraid to let Micro Niche Finder loose on the world – let it rip! You will uncover a lot of niches you may not have thought of in the past.

Knowing what I now know about internet marketing , I would advise people to keep it simple! Don’t over-complicate things. Get domains that target keywords and outsource lots of good quality content.

Affiliate Website:
Joe’s Internet Marketing -Internet Marketing and Website Development

July 19, 2010

Anne Geraghty Anne Geraghty

I have been a Micro Niche Finder affiliate for over a year now. In my previous career I was involved with organizational development, but approximately a year or so ago I retired from the corporate world to focus on and coach entrepreneurs, MDs, and other business owners develop their businesses. My new business helps our clients focus on their goals and achieve their targets. For internet marketing development purposes, Micro Niche Finder has been extremely useful.

Ebooks are a great way to expand your online business and presence, but knowing what I now know about internet marketing, I would have done one thing differently with my ebooks. I would have used the same link multiple times in my ebooks. It provides more opportunity for people to come to your website. This is also applicable for other internet marketing tools – don’t just use a link one time, use it strategically in many places.

Affiliate Website:
Micro Niche Finder

Additional Website:
M.A.F. Training

July 5, 2010

Mark Petticord Mark Petticord
Near Seattle, WA

I have been a Micro Niche Finder affiliate for a little over eight months now. I like the simplicity and intuitiveness of Micro Niche Finder and it has helped me find good keywords and niche markets. If there is one thing I can advise newbies, it would be that if you want your article to get found, research key words and long tail key word phrases prior to writing the article. Write your article around your key words.

If I am writing for the purpose of attracting a niche market, I always do my research first with Micro Niche Finder. A lot of times, I get ideas for my articles while researching my subject. I am able to identify the specific terms my prospects are searching with. As the economy grows and as consumers become more knowledgeable and continue to be bombarded by limitless options for products and services on the Internet, smaller is better. It’s critical to work within niches that appeal to a smaller segment or group of people. Here are a couple of questions I always ask while doing my SEO homework:

1. Who are you trying to Reach? Is your product a luxury item or a necessity? Are your prospects, business owners, blue collar workers, housewives, yuppies (Young Urban Professionals) or dinks? (Double Income, No Kids) Identify your niche and create a specific profile with the look, feel, and message that will ATTRACT your customers and prospects.

2. What’s their HOT Button? Find out what it is and push it. A lot of what motivates people to take action can be traced back to either pain, gain or both. As I mentioned, how would your potential fan Google your product? “How to” is a powerful search term – people are looking for answers and solutions to their problems. Does your product address their pain or motivate them to gain? What specific key words and long-tail key word phrases are they using to search for products and solutions?

Shift from Group Marketing to Individual Marketing: Business is personal. Over the years I’ve witnessed the “big hit” mentality in business. It’s true, if you find an entire group that will love your product, you will create a lot more volume. But groups are accessed through the gate-keepers of the groups. Tribe leaders will share it with their tribe. The leaders will find you with targeted SEO placement. Organic Search Engine Optimization is the best kind of traffic, because it’s free. Micro Niche Finder is worth every cent!

Affiliate website:
Smart Idea Marketing – for a limited time if you subscribe to SmartIdeaMarketing blog, you will be given a link to download his eBook ViralVideoIDEAS.

June 21, 2010

David Castle David Castle
New Jersey

I have owned Micro Niche Finder for over three years but I have been an affiliate for about one year. Micro Niche Finder has been so important to my success that I’m actually creating a product line and Micro Niche Finder is one of the cornerstones of it.

Back in 2009 I was invited to be a keynote speaker at the grand opening of a resort in the Sedona, Arizona area. Since I was there to talk about internet marketing for an hour and a half each day over the course of four days, I used Micro Niche Finder in my presentations and recommended this software to everyone.

When I worked for Corporate America I didn’t fully realize the immense benefit of having a mastermind group, but once I started working for myself online I realized how much more I would have benefited from a group of peers to bounce ideas and questions off of!

Affiliate website:
Brick N Mortar Marketing – If you sign up I will send you one of my videos about Keywords and Micro Niche Finder

June 7, 2010

James Ranka James Ranka
Beaumont and Houston, TX

I am a relatively new Micro Niche Finder affiliate, but already I have discovered that Micro Niche Finder will find your ‘audience’ and will eliminate those who have no interest in buying what you have to sell.

My advice to internet marketing newbies is to hang in there and stay with it. Continue to experiment and track results… eventually you will find the right niche for your product or service and Micro Niche Finder will help you do that.

Hindsight is 20/20 and, unfortunately, I bought a competing product that was good…or at least I thought so. Then I received an email from Micro Niche Finder. I could not believe the features this software brought to the table at an unbelievably low price. I read the guarantee and thought to myself, this is worth a try. Following the download, the best way I can describe what happened next was love at first sight. I shelved the product I first bought and I now use Micro Niche Finder exclusively. This product gets results – plain and simple!

Affiliate website:
Writers 31
Additional website:
Becoming a Copywriter – Are You a Natural?
How to Find a Niche Market

May 24, 2010

Fiona Mary Ivancsik Fiona Mary Ivancsik
Sydney, Australia

I have been a Micro Niche Finder affiliate for around 4 months. I was drawn to Micro Niche Finder by the ease of use and targeted, effective research it enabled me to do.

A profitable strategy I discovered consists of choosing your primary keyword phrase, clicking on the keyword that caught your eye, and looking at what products are for sale in Amazon and Google. If you see a “Dummies” book you know you have found a Niche! Furthermore, I suggest only choosing keyword phrases with more than 1,000 searches globally per month and be sure it has a high OCI.

Affiliate website:
Keyword Research Software Tool
Additional website:
Fiona Mary Online

May 10, 2010

 Michael Murray Michael Murray
Tarpon Springs, Florida

I’ve been a Micro Niche Finder affiliate for 1 year now.I was drawn to Micro Niche Finder by James’s persuasive content and the amazing videos showing Micro Niche Finder in action.

My advice to other affiliates is to be consistent and persistent. Stay with one idea and avoid the “bright shiny object” syndrome. When you make a success of one project, immediately begin another. Multiplication makes money.

When I first started I made the mistake of chasing everything that guaranteed to make me thousands of dollars, if I only would buy “the secret.” The real secret is consistent and hard work.

Affiliate website:
Tarpon Internet Marketing

April 26, 2010

 Donna Anderson Donna Anderson
Fort Myers, Florida

I’ve been an affiliate for Ultimate PLR Collection for about a month. Using PLR products to create your own product is an excellent way to get started in the product creation side of Internet Marketing. The Ultimate PLR Article Collection software makes it so easy to create an ebook that there’s really no excuse not to.

If I could do one thing differently I would have immediately jumped on the PLR bandwagon and used it to start growing a list. I can’t believe the difference having a list has made to my business and all it takes is a few PLR articles wrapped up in a pretty little ebook cover.

I was drawn to become an affiliate for Ultimate PLR Collection because I saw the value in it for people who don’t or can’t write their own ebooks. This software makes it easy for anyone to create and market their own ebook so that they can build that all-important list.
Affiliate website:
The Ultimate PLR Article Collection

Additional website:
$97 ebooks

April 12, 2010

 Brian Morgan Brian Morgan
Born near London, but currently Wolverhampton, West Midlands UK

I’ve been an affiliate since the early days of Micro Niche Finder – I love the software and wanted to promote it. Everyone should have a copy of it.

If I could give any advice to new affiliates it would be: “Never Give Up On Your Dream! Making money online is possible and is doable,” and secondly, “Focus! If you have a project you are working on don’t get distracted by other things, like reading emails, forums or television. See it through to completion.” I’ve made that mistake before – instead of focusing on the task at hand I’ll digress and read other people’s emails and get absorbed in forums. I’m not focusing on what I want to do, and distractions take away precious time.

Above all else plan for success because “People who fail to plan, plan to fail.” Set goals to aim for — don’t be discouraged by failure, build on it by learning from your mistakes. Use Micro Niche Finder to find the gold in those keywords! I became a Micro Niche Finder affiliate because it’s a solid product that speaks for itself. There have been a lot of new keyword research programs that have come on the market (some with huge fanfare) but for me Micro Niche Finder just gets on with the job. No messing around it just does what it says on the tin and it keeps on getting better and better.

Consistency is the key. Keeping doing what works, “Rinse and Repeat” the things that work for you. Don’t give up on something immediately and move on. Give it time, ask advice if needs be but don’t leap around like I used to do.

When I started I didn’t have a plan. I was so easily distracted that I was into everything, literally! I’d be focusing on what the next ‘Guru’ said. I’m much more focused now. The thing I would have done is concentrate on one project at a time. Create a plan on what to do and learn how to do it. I would say that apart from purchasing Micro Niche Finder, I’d recommend using as many free services available to promote products and services, creating blogs, Web 2.0 backlinks (Social Bookmarking), creating videos, writing articles, things that only cost you time. With success you will be able to spend some money on things that can do those things more efficiently, and/or outsource them.

Affiliate website: Site 2 Traffic It is a website building software and the developers use Micro Niche Finder as part of the website creation process.

March 29, 2010

Ron Cripps Ron Cripps
Gold Coast, Australia

I have been a Micro Niche Finder affiliate for 3 months. I found Micro Niche Finder while researching products in ClickBank and it is the perfect tool for my site visitors to help them do their market research effectively.

I would like to say that to be a successful affiliate marketer it’s crucial to first set goals and focus on achieving them. It’s very important to have a business plan and do your market research before you being your marketing campaigns. Stay focused!

When I first started as an affiliate I was constantly changing my tactics and adding more and more products which only results in a lot of confusion and a 16 hour work day. In retrospect, if I were to change anything that I did it would be to create a complete authority site in a selected niche and then branch out from there rather than creating 20 or 30 small sites at the start which I found difficult for one person to maintain. In the beginning it is the quality not quantity that is most important.

Affiliate website: Affiliate X Files

March 15, 2010

Mark Mason Mark Mason
Allen, Texas

I have been a Micro Niche Finder affiliate since 2007. I use Micro Niche Finder for affiliate marketing to find keywords in order to direct traffic to my site from organic searches. My advice to other affiliates is to use Micro Niche Finder to look for keywords with low competition and high traffic. Create content targeting those keywords and include affiliate links in that content.
Don’t fall into the trap of doing too many things at once. Knowing what I know now, I would have focused on one approach and one business model. I was easily distracted by bright and shiny objects in the beginning and thus wasted a lot of time.

I love promoting Micro Niche Finder because the tool works as advertised. I bought the tool and saw that it worked just as I had hoped – it’s easy to promote great products!

Affiliate website: Micro Niche Finder

Additional website: Mason World

March 1, 2010

Bob Willoughby Bob Willoughby
Laurel, Delaware

I have been a Micro Niche Finder affiliate for the past two years. A successful strategy I abide by and recommend for others is to be honest and only sell product that you test, use, and know works. Looking back, I wish I did more work when I first started instead of being so lackadaisical – you get out what you put in. I became an affiliate for Micro Niche Finder because I use it, like it, and it makes me money. This is the most used software program on my computer and is by far the best value on the market. Affiliate website: How to Find a Niche Market Using Niche Market Software

February 15, 2010 Laurie Brenner
Laurie Brenner
Sierra Nevada Mountains, California
“I’ve been a Micro Niche Finder affiliate for five or six months, and in my experience the best way to be a successful affiliate is 1) Be Yourself, 2) Talk Naturally (in your articles and/or videos), 3) Believe in the Product and 4) Over-deliver. I’ve also learned that it’s not worth trying tore-invent the wheel- I’ve purchased soooo many products (if my husband only knew) that were trash, that when I stumbled upon the good ones, I mistakenly glossed over them. I keep going back to those lessons though. The trick is to find a system that works for you and just do it! I decided to become a Micro Niche Finder affiliate becauseI ABSOLUTELY love the software. I’m still working a day job, so anything that I can use that makes my affiliateendeavors easier (so I can drop-kick that aforementioned day job) is much appreciated. Micro Niche Finder fits the bill… and since you’ve come out with the Ultimate PLR Article Collection, well, I’m in Niche Heaven! (Bought that one too!) Since 2007 I wrote, designed, created the covers and self-published my two books on Amazon. I also learned how to create websites from scratch, although now that I’ve found WordPress, the process goes much faster! Along the way I discovered affiliate marketing but I only do it when I find a product that makes sense to me and can benefit someone else.” Affiliate websites: Best Real Work At Home Jobs Additional websites: Law of Attraction Masters Laurie Brenner Here are two of my “BOOK” websites — I’m an author and I will get so successful at Affiliate Marketing that I will replace my day job to have more time to WRITE. I’m a huge DIY-er on most anything.I’ve hand written all my articles on Ezines (and have a few more all over the web). I am getting to my TIPPING POINT, I can feel it! Little Book of Becoming Changing Planes
February 1, 2010

brianjohnson Brian Johnson
Minnetonka, MN

Brian Johnson has been an internet marketer since 2002 and in July 2009 released his own product, Commission Ritual, which outlines his successful SEO methods for others. Brian often partners with James and they have hosted recent webinars together. Brian promotes Micro Niche Finder because it allows him to do a very high volume of keyword research in a short about of time which he encourages others to do with his own products. As he says, “I use the ‘domain availability’ feature in Micro Niche Finder to find a copious amount of keyword rich domains.” His one piece of advice for fledgling internet and affiliate marketers is “There are NO failures in Internet Marketing. Only People that Give Up Too Soon.”

January 18, 2010 Garry Conn
Garry Conn
Clarksville, TN
“Micro Niche Finder is an amazing product. It’s something that I have personally been using myself for the last two years. A friend of mine, David Cooley, constantly suggested that I purchase the software. He mentioned it probably over ten times before I finally whipped out my credit card and made the purchase. But, when I did… instantly I could see how wonderful the software was. James is constantly improving the software and you get free updates for life so you really get a lot of bang for your buck. My advice to you would be to purchase Micro Niche Finder yourself and start using it. Once you do that, and see how amazing the software is, you won’t be able to shut up about it. You’ll blog about it daily… you’ll sell a copy to your mother. When you have that high level of personal ownership, your marketing efforts will come naturally and your conversions will skyrocket. If I could have the opportunity to do things over, I would probably not be so critical of ClickBank products. While I agree with many people that there is a lot of crap in ClickBank, on the flip-side, there’s a lot of amazing products that can truly help you. Micro Niche Finder is a great example of keeping an open mind towards products that will help your online business.”
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