See Who Is Viewing Your Profile And Tweets – Be Careful!

Hey everyone, this just came to my attention and since I know so many of our readers use twitter, I thought I’d pass on the good word. There’s a new virus on twitter called “Tweet Viewer”. If you’re on twitter, DON’T click on any link attached to a tweet that says something to the extent of “See who views your twitter profile!” I assure you, the results are anything but “totally amazing” – the link’s tagline lies!

Look, most of you already intuitively know that links that promise to show you EXACTLY who is checking your e-presence is hogwash. These kinds of viruses are so successful because they prey on insecurities (ex: Who is checking out my tweets? Is my ex? Is my new crush?*Gasp* What about my parents/kids/boss/mortal enemy etc….) and curiosity (ex: I wonder what country these people are coming from?). This “Tweet Viewer” virus is just another variation on the “ZoMg! SeE wHo Is ViEwInG yOuR pRoFiLe” theme.

—*Sidenote….not a fan of the caps on/caps off way of typing and just a general rule of thumb, don’t EVER click on any link that *~~TyPeS LiKe ThIs~~*. More often than not, it’s a virus.—

Anyway, this “Tweet Viewer” link is expanding at about 159 tweets a minute. It’s easy to make sure you don’t get infected: DO NOT CLICK ON THIS LINK – If you do click on this link, you have to revoke the applications access by account by going to Settings > Connections > Revoke Access.

It doesn’t appear like this virus is infecting anything YET,  but it does perpetually spread itself so that is a problem. Your computer is vulnerable as long as the virus has access, so if you are infected act as quickly as possible to put the kibosh on this!

The fact that this simple tweet became so viral is indicative of carelessness and/or naiveté. If Facebook and Twitter were going to release a bonafide app that could show you who exactly viewed your information, it would be front page news. A development like that could be considered a culture-changer and the news and blogosphere would be buzzing with opinions about its implications.

It may be hard to stifle that curiosity, but never click a random link that promises gold (especially when it comes in a form of less than 140 characters a la twitter). If you have a question about a links legitimacy, either search Google or send a message to the friend that “sent” the link to you and ask them if the link is legitimate or if it’s spam. If it of the spam variety, your friend might not know they’ve been infected and will thank you for alerting them. If it’s a safe link, you’ll hear it firsthand – a win/win scenario! A little bit of caution goes a long way – if the link is coming from a questionable source, it never hurts to double check before you click it!

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