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Case Study: How to Take a Small Niche Market and Turn it into a 6-Figure per year earner working just a few hours per week

Tomorrow night (at 7:00 pm EST) we are hosting a SUPREMELY SPECIAL training with internet marketing genius Tanner Larsson. If you attend tomorrow night’s training (which I highly suggest you do), you will see how he took a small niche … Continue Reading →

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Fun Infographic: Why We Need The “I Don’t Care” Button on Facebook

Here’s a snarky infographic that serves this friendly reminder: Don’t post worthless statuses. There’s a line between revealing interesting personal tidbits of your life and posting space-fillers that generate apathy in “friends” that see your statuses in their newsfeed. There’s … Continue Reading →

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Fun Infographic – Best Days to Post on Facebook

If you keep track of your Facebook posts (which is easy to do if you have a Facebook Fan Page, since insights automatically come with it), you’ll inevitably see some patterns emerge concerning which days of the week are “best” … Continue Reading →

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Upcoming Webinar – Use The Power of Facebook To Your Advantage

Tomorrow (Wednesday Nov. 28th at 7:00 pm EST) we are hosting a FREE webinar with our friends Barry and Roger that is all about making money using Facebook. You probably already have a Facebook account (over one billion people do) … Continue Reading →

Facebook Web Browser

Let me start this by stating that although there are very good indications that Facebook is in the process of acquiring a web browser, it is still officially unconfirmed by Facebook. Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, … Continue Reading →

Facebook IPO and How It Might Affect The Rest Of Us

Facebook is about to offer its Initial Public Offering on the stock market (some people and firms will begin buying Facebook stock today, while the rest of us, if interested, have to wait until tomorrow). This is big news …especially … Continue Reading →

Facebook + Instagram

Instagram has become ubiquitous on the web – you may have seen pictures from Instagram without realizing it. Have you ever seen a beautifully filtered picture that someone posted? Generally, Instagram makes people’s pictures look like old vintage photographs. If … Continue Reading →

How to Opt Out of Facebook Social Ads

If you have been on Facebook recently, you may have noticed the ads on the right hand column of your feed getting more personal. Namely, you may have seen “social ads” that look something like this: I crossed out my … Continue Reading →

Facebook Explains How it Makes Money

You might have noticed that Facebook has eliminated its normal ads today – that’s not a coincidence. This one day reprieve from ads is so that you (hopefully) click on the link Facebook suggests near the top of your newsfeed; … Continue Reading →

Facebook’s Upcoming Major Change – The Timeline

I saw this above comic and it made me chuckle, but it brings up a good point – Facebook users tend to resist change initially, but come to accept it eventually (albeit sometimes begrudgingly). Some users leave Facebook after every … Continue Reading →