New Google Chrome (Beta Version)

Google Chrome is the world’s second most favorite browser and Google just released a new version of Google Chrome (albeit in beta version) for you to try out and enjoy. This new beta version (properly called 17.0 .963.26 beta-m) enhances … Continue Reading →

Upcoming Webinar – Push Button SEO

This Wednesday,  November 30th,  at 7:00 pm EST, we are hosting a FREE webinar called “Push Button SEO” with Brian Johnson. Brian is going to show you how to combine the right WordPress plugins, themes and applications to drive massive traffic – something … Continue Reading →

Adwords Location Change

If you have done any Google searches recently, you may have noticed a subtle but significant change regarding the placement of Adwords. In the past, a Google search would bring up ads at the top of the searches and on … Continue Reading →

Google Change – Encrypting Searches

This past week Google made an announcement that it was changing some of the ways it handled its vast search queries and referral data information. In essence, searchers that are logged into will have their searches encrypted; Google cites … Continue Reading →

Upcoming Webinar – The Lazy $10,000 Adsense Publisher

This Wednesday (October 12th ) at 7:00 pm EDT, we are hosting a FREE webinar called “The Lazy $10,000 Adsense Publisher”.   This webinar is ALL about Adsense, so if you are curious about Adsense (or if you just want to make more … Continue Reading →

Google Wallet

Ooooh, tomorrow could be quite exciting, folks! The internet is all aflutter with talk of Google releasing its “Google Wallet” app tomorrow…you may remember hearing about this product after Google released a funny Sienfeld-esque video advertising this upcoming app a … Continue Reading →

Goodbye Google Labs

Google announced this summer that it would be closing down its famous “Google Labs” – indeed it is in the winding down process now, and all signs point to Google Labs being completely gone by October. Google likened it’s Google … Continue Reading →

Login to AdWords for More Keyword Suggestions

Micro Niche Finder automatically retrieves 100 search results. It’s easy to increase this amount, but you need an AdWords account to do this. Assuming you have one, this is how you change the settings. 1.) On the Micro Niche Finder … Continue Reading →

Google Image Changes

If you have used Google’s Image search recently, you may have noticed that the images enlarge in size as your mouse scrolls over it. This is a convenient (but not exactly groundbreaking) development for Google Images. In the past, the … Continue Reading →

Nifty New Gmail Features

Gmail is fast. However, Gmail just released new features that make its fast email service even faster. There are two particular changes in Gmail that are both speedy and convenient. The first one is so common-sense it’s hard to believe … Continue Reading →